When men reach a certain age it can become really hard to buy them birthday presents. Once they’ve hit 40 it just harder and harder to not buy them socks and beer. There’s only so many books a bloke can read and there’s only so many jumpers a bloke can wear. Most men of around 40 have already got everything they want, it helps if they have a hobby, but where are the good ideas going to come from? You’d think being around the same age would make it easier but most middle aged blokes don’t even know what they want themselves – so how are we supposed to know? Well, we have a pretty cheeky solution…

Golf is pretty poplar with gents over a certain age, despite evidence to show golf gaining popularity amongst young people, most regular participants with memberships are 50 plus. If you know a golf fanatic and their birthday’s coming up don’t miss a trick! It’s not a personalised golf ball, it’s not a leather tee holder, and it’s not a Calloway Towel! Just a round of golf? Nope. It’s a caddie. Get your mate a cheeky caddie for their birthday round of golf!

Our Cheeky Caddies are beautiful, glamourous young women with fundamental knowledge of the game. They will be happy to accompany your birthday boy around the course, no promises on an improved score but we can promise a good time and a good laugh!

We spoke to a keen golfer about the idea of a beautiful, young lady as a caddie on the course…

What do you think of the idea?

“I think it’s a good idea for a birthday or something… It’s my mates 51st soon and I’ll be honest the idea has really tempted me now!”

Do think it will help out his game?

“Definitely not! He’ll probably just be chatting away to her, he’s a bit of a ladies man. He gets distracted talking to the women members here so… you know! I think I might have to hire one of your lady caddies whenever I want to win!”

This present will actually be a brilliant introduction to golf if you’ve got a friend who’s never played before. Get a group of you together, let the first timer feast his eyes on the course and you can all try not to get too distracted by the cheeky caddie passing you your pitching wedge!

Make no mistake our cheeky caddies are all up to par on the game. You shouldn’t expect otherwise; over a million women in Europe regularly enjoy 18 holes. You can concentrate on your game because our girls are all clued up on course etiquette and their knowledge of the game may mean you even get a few cheeky pointers!

Let’s be honest, we can’t think of many avid golfers who wouldn’t gratefully receive the gift of a cheeky caddie! We frequently provide our caddies for Stag Dos as well as birthday parties! Recently, golf fans saw Niall Horan, of One Direction, caddie for Rory McIlroy at the Masters Par 3 contest but we think our caddies are little easier on the eye… for the gents anyway! Give someone a present they won’t forget!