Here at Cheeky Events we’re interested in anything bit naughty and hilarious… but we’ll be honest we didn’t really know what to think about this.  Fun is an important component of any balanced lifestyle but political activism isn’t something most people would normally associate with fun, is it? Despite that, a street artist with a political vision is trying to appeal to our funny bones by making a mockery of his local council by highlighting an issue very close to a lot of our hearts (and axels); potholes.

‘Wanksy’, a would-be street artist based in Greater Manchester, has taken to spray painting penises around potholes in the town of Ramsbottom. The idea is that the council who currently aren’t really doing much to repair these potholes will be quicker to sort them out when faced with a phallus.

You may be thinking ‘what a hero?!’, or you may be thinking ‘what a silly sausage?!’. The council’s reaction is more of ‘what an inconsiderate idiot?’ but is he a good guy or a bad guy?

The council have criticised the graffiti artist for being stupid and inconsiderate. They don’t want families and children to have to see the penises, which are sometimes depicted in a state of climax, daubed all over the roads. Some of these pieces of works are on school routes, according to the council. All the money that is spent on cleaning up the graffiti is money that then can’t be spent on repairing the roads.

However, ‘Wanksy’ would claim he is far from inconsiderate; he uses washable spray paint that will disappear within 2 weeks and is easy to clean of if necessary. His work has pretty much done what it set out to do. The Council is outraged because they fear people will be offended by these penis-pothole creations but that’s what ‘Wanksy’ wanted the Council to fear; not because he’s perverted but because he wants the council to act!

You can’t really blame him for carrying on either, some potholes have been filled in within 2 days of ‘Wanksy’ working his magic around them. The success stories often look funnier than the originals.

We cannot condone any illegal behaviour but what we can understand, especially with the multitude of online support for the graffiti artist, is that people care about this issue and want something done. He’s not really hurting anybody and the council are obliged to fix these problems; people pay road tax after all. However, maybe next time he should just set up a meeting with the council… but let’s face it that wouldn’t have been funny at all.