A stereotypical hen party involves dressing up in silly themed outfits, heading to the nearest bar and drinking a lot of tequila/wine/vodka (delete as applicable), dancing around handbags, and generally having some girly fun. Whilst there is nothing wrong with organising this kind of hen party package, if you want the bride to have a really great time, why not think outside the box and do something quirky or hilarious instead?

Read on for some great ideas. We can’t claim to have thought of everything here, but we do have a few interesting suggestions to ensure your hen party goes with a bang!

Pamper Weekend

This one is a tried and tested way of encouraging a stressed-out bride to relax before her Big Day. She’s probably burning the candle at both ends trying to make sure her wedding is the social event of the decade, so a pamper weekend hen party could be just what she needs to chill. It might just be what everyone needs to avoid a meltdown and friendship Armageddon!

Book a relaxing pamper party at a luxury country house hotel and soothe your senses and spirits with hot tub sessions, aromatherapy massages and lots of gin. It’s the perfect girly bonding session and it’s suitable for hens from every generation. Even the bride’s grandma will feel comfortable attending a pamper weekend.

Life Drawing

You don’t need to be artistically inclined to enjoy the male form. Life drawing classes are about exploring your creativity in an inclusive environment. It helps that the model is a buff bloke who is more than happy to get his kit off for a group of hens!

Book a life drawing class for your hen party. It won’t matter if your pencil lines are a bit wobbly and nobody will blame you if you need to get a bit closer, so you can make sure that each part of your model’s anatomy is, ahem, perfectly proportioned.

Pole Dancing

Dancing is all part of the fun at a hen party, but if you sign up your hens for a pole dancing class, they can learn how to up the ante when they next hit the dance floor. Pole dancing is traditionally seen as an exercise in male titillation, but it’s actually just as much about female empowerment. Pole dancing requires skill, strength and artistry. Plus it’s a lot of fun too!

Join a pole dancing class and get in touch with your body. Learn how to move to the music in a sensual and powerful way. You may not quite be ready to install a stripper pole in your bedroom by the time you leave the class, but it should give the bride some ideas for keeping her man entertained on the honeymoon!

Note: this activity probably isn’t going to work for older hens, although they might have fun watching!

Escape Room Challenges

Escape rooms are a relatively new phenomenon that has really taken off in recent years. There are numerous escape rooms all over the country, exploring many different themes. Some are fun and light-hearted whereas others have a much darker vibe, such as satanism and serial killers. Choose the one that appeals to your hen party, put your thinking hats on and work out how to solve the puzzles!

Discounts are usually available for larger parties, but a very large group may need to be split into smaller groups for certain escape rooms.

Cocktail Making

Who doesn’t like cocktails? Drinking cocktails is all part of the fun at a hen party, but wouldn’t you like to learn how to make them? Sign up your hens for a cocktail making class and find out how to mix some seriously delicious beverages.

Dwarf Strippers

OK, so this one isn’t the most politically correct hen party activity, but if you want to shock and amuse your ladies in equal measure, dwarf strippers are the way to do it. Little guys pack a lot of punch when it comes to hen parties. Just because they are shorter than the average male, they sure make up for it in the, ahem, personality department. Wink wink!

A stripper dwarf routine will have your hen party ladies in stitches at the very least!

Salsa Classes

Salsa classes are another fun dance activity if pole dancing is a bit too energetic for the members of your hen party. Great Aunt Mildred might not be able to handle a pole dancing class, but she’ll love learning how to salsa.

Your hen party will have the undivided attention of a professional dance instructor. Learn how to put your best foot forward and dance like the couples on Strictly Come Dancing! You can take the skills you learn and tear up the dance floor at your local club later!

Visit a Comedy Club

If planning a wedding is getting very stressful, remember, laughter is always the best medicine. Book a visit to a local comedy club and enjoy a great routine from some of the best comedy talents around. It’s a fun way to spend an evening. Comedy shows are often interactive too, so don’t be surprised if one of you ends up being the butt of someone’s jokes!

Many hen party packages include a meal and drinks before the comedy routines, so book the package that suits your party’s budget.

Vintage Hair and Makeup Photo Session

What better way to create a few lasting memories than with a vintage hair and makeup photography session. Let your hens enjoy some much-needed pampering, all captured on camera. Professional stylists, makeup artists and photographers will make sure everyone looks their best for the camera. You will all leave with some amazing photos to cherish. It’s a hen party activity that ladies of all ages will enjoy.

Hen parties can be anything you like but try to choose an activity that includes everyone. Not all hens want to dance and not all of them will be comfortable drinking to excess. If you have a broad range of age groups to accommodate, considering having an afternoon event and a separate evening event. You can enjoy a pamper session in the day and then let loose with a dwarf stripper in the evening!

Contact us for some more great hen party package ideas!