When it finally comes time to tie the knot, many grooms choose to celebrate with a party with the boys before the big event takes place. Quite often, the plan is to hold the event out of town where a lot of fun can be had. This has led to some destinations developing a reputation as ideal stag party locations and you can even hire event organisers to make sure your stag party holiday goes as well as possible.

You will find organisers available to help with stag parties in cities around the world, including the most popular destinations as well as some more obscure ones. Shop around and you will find everything from Marbella stag packages to a day out at Blackpool illuminations! But no one really wants the latter, do they!?

With that in mind we are here to help you out! Here are the ultimate stag party destinations for 2019!


Marbella has been a popular holiday destination for decades, and for very good reasons. The coastal resort sits on the Mediterranean and makes for an ideal destination for sun seekers. Marbella offers long, white sandy beaches that draw in holidaymakers from far and wide every year. It is also very well equipped to cater to tourists with many hotels to choose from, plenty of restaurants and all the facilities you could possibly need.

In addition to the sun, sea and sand – the region also has plenty of sight-seeing opportunities with visits to vineyards and mountains for something a little different. Go a little off the beaten track away from the crowds of tourists, and visitors can get a taste of real Spain.

Plus, Marbella Can Be a Lot of Fun!

The fun factor makes Marbella a popular destination for stag parties and a great time is pretty much guaranteed for all. You will find no shortage of companies offering Marbella stag packages; which include items such as private beer wenches, promo girls, golf caddies and strippers.

Beer wenches will do the job of ordering your drinks for you and bringing them to your table, allowing you and your companions to get on with the job of having a good time. Caddies help you make the most of your golf trip and there is no need to explain what a stripper does! They strip your wallpaper of course…



With its liberal laws, famous coffee shops and red-light districts, Amsterdam has long been a party destination for stag parties. In addition to the city’s better-known night-spots, it is also home to some of the best nightclubs in the region, making for a night out that will never be forgotten. You could choose to take part in some of the naughtier activities the city has on offer, or you could choose to just enjoy yourself drinking instead. Because Amsterdam does so well to cater to people that are looking for a good night, or weekend, it is a very popular destination for stag parties.

Amsterdam also has plenty to offer to people that want to take some time out from the partying and take in the arts and culture instead. The city is home to numerous museums while the architecture makes for great city tours. Many visitors choose to just stroll around the scenic town taking in the atmosphere and making the most of the shopping. If you are looking for stag party packages, Amsterdam should be high on your destination list.


As home to Guinness, it should come as no surprise to hear that Dublin is a city that is home to plenty of pubs. You can even get to taste some of the black stuff as it comes fresh out of the brewery, and it doesn’t come any fresher than that. The high number of pubs make for pub crawls that can last the whole weekend, while also taking you on a tour of the city. If you are looking for a place to drink, stag party packages to Dublin make the ideal choice!

If you want a break from the pubs, then there is still plenty to keep you occupied. Guinness fans will enjoy a tour of the brewery while you can also take a tour of the Jameson Bow St. distillery. You will also find plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities that will offer an alternative to drinking and pub crawls. All in all, Dublin has plenty to offer, making it an ideal location for stag party packages.


The Czech capital of Prague is another destination for people that are on a stag do, as well as anybody else just looking for a good time. With its laid-back attitude and plentiful bars and pubs, the city draws in people from all over Europe and further afield that are looking for a good party. Even when it gets late, there are plenty of nightclubs to choose from meaning that you can continue the party for longer. A visit to Prague is also an excellent opportunity to try out some of the superb Eastern European beers.

Prague is also known for its history and splendid architecture. Visitors will love taking a gentle stroll around the city taking in the sights, while there are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy other activities such as sports and tours. For a great stag do in stunning surroundings, it doesn’t come much better than Prague.

Which location you do choose for your stag do is largely down to a matter of personal preference and budget. If a trip overseas is too costly or inconvenient, you could always consider staying locally where you can still have as much fun. No matter where you choose to go, you are likely to find companies offering stag party packages that will help you to get the most from the occasion.