Being given the honour of planning your friend’s hen party is more than just a responsibility. It’s a toast to the friendship that you have with the bride-to-be, so of course you want to make it as special as possible! Depending on what kind of girl your clucking hen is, you may be wondering where to stage this momentous occasion.

Below is a handy list of creative ideas, based upon what interests the bride and her crew have!

The Drinker

If your bestie bride is down to drink anything wet, regardless of the alcohol percentage, then the possibilities are endless. It’s rare to stage a hen party that doesn’t involve alcohol, so that’s one box ticked. But anyone can organise a booze-up, right? How do you make yours different or special? Let’s have a look…

Wine Tasting

Armed to the teeth with lined stomachs, the bride and entourage can go on extravagant tours of bars and vineyards, with locations up and down the country or even abroad! Should this tickle your fancy, locations such as Cardiff, Manchester and Nottingham are up for grabs. If you wish to take the hen do across the globe, visiting the vineyards in Barcelona or Southern Italy is also a possibility.

Closer to Home

Maybe you want all the fun and games that drinking can bring but without splashing the cash on an expensive venue. As mentioned, if the bride prefers to keep things low key, then have the alcohol come to her! Hiring out a function room is always convenient, but how about you add a sexy spin to the occasion? Our range of topless butlers can be waiting on you hand and foot with a range of exotic cocktails and beverages throughout the evening.

The Sightseer

Not everybody is in to drinking, so you might find it slightly more difficult to accommodate and plan a hen party that doesn’t involve alcohol. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options and opportunities though!


Sight-seeing is a remarkably simple way to fill a day’s activities! Take the bride-to-be on a circuit of one of her favourite cities, whether it be in the UK or over the pond! Take in the stunning sights of Paris, Barcelona or London. It all depends on what you know about the bride and what she’s into.

If you think that non-drinking brides miss out on the opportunity of experiencing the presence of naked butlers, you would be wrong! It doesn’t have to be alcohol they serve throughout the evening, after a long day of taking in the sights. An array of hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic cocktails could be the perfect accompaniment to the occasion!

The Old Soul

Some people act, behave and seem older than they actually are, and the bride-to-be might fall into this category. If she prefers activities that you associate with the older generation, you can still make an interesting evening out of it!

Take bingo, for example. Your local bingo hall is the perfect place for your old soul bride to knuckle down and win a full house, whilst in the presence of some of the hottest hunks in very little clothing indeed! She may find it difficult choosing which balls to concentrate on!

Murder Mystery with a Twist

Does your gal fangirl over the likes of Sherlock Holmes or detectives in general? Murder mystery parties are brilliant for getting the entire group involved! Not only can you come up with a plot that’s relevant to the bride herself, but any opportunity to get dressed up in the appropriate clothing and put on silly accents is always fun!

If you intend on going through with this idea and are thinking of putting a Downton Abbey theme towards it. Chances are you’ll need a butler or two. It may not fit in with your theme to strip these butlers bare, but it will certainly make it a lot more entertaining!

Don’t Be Afraid

Never be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to planning a hen party. At the end of the day, you’re celebrating your friend going into the world of married life. That doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to have plenty of fun during the process!

Whether you decide to keep your gathering close to home or whether you want to take yourselves on the other side of the world, creative ideas like these are bound to deliver a hen party never to be forgotten.

Should you wish to take advantage of instilling some irresistible assistants to your celebration, then you can find all the information you need here. If you have any questions about the services our steamy butlers can provide, feel free to get in touch!