Its election season, the winds of change are in the air and everyone is really excited about the 7th of May (We think). Opinion poll after opinion poll have left us thinking that a coalition is pretty likely. Television debates have not really shed any particular shining light on any of the party leaders.

Here at cheeky events we thought we’d conduct our own opinion poll to see what’s really going through the minds of voters… because let’s be honest there’s only one thing we all really want to know. The question on everyone’s lips is… ‘Which one would you snog, marry or avoid’?

The Results

We asked people whether they’d rather snog, marry or avoid the leaders of the main 3 parties. The results are in and they are absolutely mouth-watering. The tension is almost killing me.

Incredibly, Nick Clegg came out on top. 60% of our poll said they’d give him a snog him; maybe that will cheer him up he’s looked sad in the last few weeks. 40% said they’d marry him and incredible 0% said they’d avoid him! We were not expecting that!

Second in the polls was the bumbling sweetheart that is Ed Miliband! A modest 15% for a snog, a strong 40% for marriage and not so nice 45% for complete avoidance – still he faired a lot better than the current PM!

Bringing up the rear was the poor (but rich), David Cameron. We do feel a bit sorry for him. A quarter of our poll said a quick snog with the PM would be alright, 20% would have to marry the guy but the majority of people (55%) would avoid poor old David.

The People Have Spoken

When conducting the research, some people were very keen to explain their choices. It sounded like they wanted to justify themselves more than anything. Whilst others were straight in there… like they’d already worked it out. Here’s some highlights…

‘Avoid, Avoid, Avoid, I’m voting green.’ – A twenty something from Falmouth.

‘Oh, I’d snog Miliband for sure… he’s promising the world at the moment so… you know I could probably get a bit more than a snog.’ – An interesting man who was stood with his girlfriend.

Some people were pretty sure of their answers… ‘Who wouldn’t marry Clegg? He does whatever his partner wants to do!’

‘Marry Miliband, of course… sitcom material’ – A Film Student (typical!).

‘I guess I’d avoid Cameron although poking him with a spork would be more fun’ – A lovely illustrator.

‘Oh God, do I really have to choose? I think I was a bit sick in my mouth…’ – A student of Manchester Metropolitan University.

A lady who sells biscuits said… ‘I did consider pity marrying Clegg but I just couldn’t’.

After she gave us her answer, a singer songwriter exclaimed ‘Oh god… what have I done?’ She calmed down when we told her that she didn’t have to follow through.

Cheeky Conclusions

Perhaps Election Day will show wildly different results. We’re guessing that it might.

Cameron and Miliband didn’t fair to well in our opinion poll but perhaps that’s because they divide the crowd. That’s possibly an indication that they will keep their loyal voters on side. No one really had too much of a strong opinion on the leader of the Liberal Democrats … maybe being inoffensive won’t the best position to be in when it comes to Election Day. Even so, if people don’t think Nick Clegg is the best politician… they do seem to think he’s the best human. Who’s the winner really?