In business no matter if you’re just starting out, or creating a strategic plan to attract more investment, creating the right impression is always key to success.

Clothes Maketh the Man

Imagine a comprehensive business plan, with a clear layout of targets, forecasts, marketing strategies and a winning formula tucked under the arm of someone who is wearing trainers with holes in and a T-shirt sporting lunch! As this someone walks into the bank to meet the manager to discuss financial options, already he’s created an impression.

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

The bank manager will assume that if this person cannot be bothered to dress himself right for the meeting, how he is going to be bothered to wake each morning in order to pay back the loan from his bank?

The same is true when dealing with colleagues and clients, no matter how established the business is, conducting a meeting to attract new clients, to interview staff, or to boost staff morale the impression you give has to be one of power, authority, confidence and respect. Without these attributes, clients will not trust you to provide them with an impeccable service, and staff will not treat you with the respect you deserve.

The Ripple Effect

Your staff productivity will drop, as they think, “if the boss doesn’t make an effort, why should we?” Clients will not want to spend money with someone who appears incapable of looking after themselves, let alone their hard earned cash!

However, just as your clothes, your manner, your speech says a lot about you, so do the venues you choose. When hiring a venue you must always have in mind the type of people you are aiming to impress.

Be the Host with the Most

Unless you work with your family, your own lounge will never be suitable as a meeting room. A house you are willing to show off may be a plus to your business acumen, however, during the day it reeks of cheap. If you would like to invite potential clients for dinner, host a dinner party, but not on the first meeting. Your clients will no doubt bring a date, and a dining table is not the best place to pull out projection sheets and forecasts, lest they land in the soup.

Hiring a venue can make it a lot easier for you to relax too.

At your event you need to make every guest feel welcomed, listened to and special. No easy feat for the one person. We can help with that. Our waiters and waitresses, gorgeous women and buff men are here awaiting your command. From business-like attire to something a little more memorable they can adapt to any theme you have.
They’ll greet guests while making sure each and every one is never alone, there will always be someone good looking ready to top up their glass, listen to stories or simply to stare at!