Welcome to Cheeky-Events.co.uk (otherwise known as ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘The Agency’, ‘CheekyEvents’) terms and conditions page of our website. We strongly recommend that every client reads and heeds this page. In order for CheekyEvents to provide our clients with the best service possible there are some things that we expect the client to do to help.

  1. It is very important that on the day of the job, during the day, we the agency are able to contact you, the client, to inform you if your butler/promo girl are running behind schedule.
  2. When you decide to make a booking we, the agency, expect you, the client to provide us with accurate details of all your ‘phone numbers that you can be contacted on. If the client cannot be contacted during the day on the day of the booking then we ask the client to provide contact details for their representative.
  3. The client is expected to provide accurate information as to the location of the booking at the time of initial price enquiry. Accurate location including postcode and road name and town/city for the venue is a condition of any price quote and if, for example your venue is 15-20 miles from where you said it was when you made the booking this could alter the artistes entire timing of their evening and would alter the price.
  4. This agency will always operate within the law of the land. No booking will be accepted where a sexual service is asked for or expected. Racism will not be tolerated – we think that the race relations act applies to everyone. The client is expected to be honest about the gender/sexual orientation of the party.
  5. All naked butler bookings we take a 50 percent deposit to confirm booking and the remaining 50 percent is paid to your butler after the booking. All promotional/ Event staff booking will need to be paid in full before the date of the booking.
  6. If you wish to cancel a booking that you have made then a minimum notice of 48 hours is expected. Booking cancelled at less than 48 hours notice are liable to full payment. Deposits are non-refundable: however we would hold the deposit over for up to 3 months and can be used as part payment for you to use for another job. We are not like some agencies that will demand full payment if you wish to cancel within 2 weeks of the booking.
  7. CheekyEvents does not tolerate threats or abusive language. None of the artistes will tolerate threats and/or abusive language and are entitled to discontinue the services if at any time they consider themselves to be under threat or disrespected.
  8. Any refunds will be made at the sole discretion of CheekyEvents management.
  9. All re-bookings must be made through the CheekyEvents agency and not directly with the artiste.
  10. CheekyEvents make every effort to ensure the client’s first choice artiste is make available to them, in the event that that artiste for any reason becomes unavailable and is unable to attend, we will arrange an appropriate replacement artiste and all other terms and conditions remain valid.

Nevertheless we hope that you enjoy your experience as one of our customers, recommend us to others and will come back and be one of our customers again.