Bored of the same old hen party ideas? They do tend to become a little repetitive and predictable. When given the task of arranging a hen do or stag party ideas it can be easy to default to the norm. Sometimes it’s easier to stick to the same old routine, pampering, eating and drinking. Because there is nothing wrong with any of those components. We are a big fan of all of these! However, with a little imagination your hen do can become one that is remembered highly. Create a classic hen party by trying something new, being adventurous and steering off the beaten track with life drawing classes.

Life Drawing Classes

Life drawing classes is one of those brilliant hen party ideas. That will be appreciated by those looking for something new, unique and entertaining.

Everything you need is taken care of. From the art materials, the excellent venue and the professional art tutor; who will be there to provide expertise to anyone taking the life drawing classes seriously. Afterall, it’s not every day you get to receive guidance from a professional art tutor.

You don’t have to bring your own model (although some of your guests may have a person in mind that they’d love to draw!). When organising the life drawing classes, a model will be selected, one that is perfectly suited for the hen party environment. Handsome, toned and willing to pose naked for you and the other party guests to paint or draw while enjoying some drinks and giggles.

What to Expect from Life Drawing Classes

Will a life drawing class be one of the hen party ideas that you choose? Before requesting a quote it’s a good idea to know what to expect. Think about the people invited to the party. The friends from different circles and family members (from aunts to grandmothers). In other words, not everyone will be favourable to a weekend of partying up a storm. This is where life drawing classes can provide an activity for everyone to appreciate.

After that a venue will be provided, all you and the rest of the guests need to do is to turn up! Ready to have some fun and perhaps even find a secret talent. The male model will be comfortable posing fully nude, making it a fun and calm environment that will involve painting and drawing using the materials provided.

The art tutor is included in the price of the event. The professional will be on hand to provide help and advice to everyone, sharing their experience. Therefore, giving you the expertise to create great pieces of art. You never know you may end up treasuring it above the mantlepiece forever.

Plan Your Hen Party Ideas In Advance

The best way to ensure everyone has a great hen party experience is to plan in advance. One great tip is to create a group on Facebook and ask all the invited guests to join. Within the group you can share all hen party ideas and confirm actual activities, dates and locations in one place. Do remember that not all guests may use Facebook, so ensure they are contacted and kept updated throughout the planning and preparation periods.

Life drawing classes are a unique way to add a little class and cheeky humour to your hen. Art is something loved by all ages – it’s an entertaining team building activity that will make your hen unforgettable. It’s inclusive for all ages because we know how hard it is to balance the task of entertaining the varied generations that hens come with. The life classes are provided all over the country and are accessible to all. Therefore, whether choosing art classes as the main event or a warm up or cool down it will be a great part of your day. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have an experience that will stay with you for years.