It’s time to plan a party and you need to make it one of the best parties, ever! Not an easy task! But when it comes to organising celebrations that you really care about, it’s not unusual to try to come up with unique ideas and experiences that will make you nothing less than a legend in your circles. If you want to have some fun and really cause a stir one option to consider is dwarf hire.

You’re not just hiring a dwarf, you’re hiring a personality with the experience and expertise to ensure the party goes off with a bang and keeps moving with speed and momentum from start to finish.

What is Dwarf Hire?

Anyone looking for a laugh filled, unforgettable tongue-in-cheek party will adore dwarf hire. Hiring a swarf is available for all parties, from 60th party celebrations, retirement parties to hen parties and the boisterous stag do.

A dwarf stripper can be arranged to ignite the celebrations. Not only will the strip tease entertain and titillate, the entertainer can be arranged to stick with the party all night, even hosting the entire occasional and be the chaperone to the event; ensuring the night is unforgettable and fun filled for everyone.

Hiring the Professionals

Dwarf hire is not a joke, but the night will be entertaining thanks to a professional dwarf stripper and their love for partying and keeping guests happy and entertained. The dwarves on our books are experts in having a good time and their warmth and personalities will help to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Flexible entertainment is something we pride ourselves on, therefore it’s worth coming to us with your party ideas and requests. For example, you might just wish to hire a dwarf stripper to make an unforgettable appearance, or you may wish to hire an entertainer for the entire night. You’ll be happy to learn that our dwarf hire services make that everything a possibility.

Unique Party Ideas with Dwarf Hire

There are a few ways for our dwarf hire and dwarf strippers to benefit the entire party. Here are a few of the options that are available for your consideration when planning your party night:

A Friend for the Evening

The dwarf will be happy to dress up as the bride, groom or perhaps another character for the night and accompany the individual as they undertake a pub crawl, go clubbing or perhaps play certain games or tasks. One fun idea that is taking off with stags is dressing up as Princess Peach while other guests dress as Mario. It’s fun, unique and it’s certainly memorable and fun to see for everyone. Contact swarf hire with your ideas to see if it’s a possibility.

The Games Master

Another option is to appoint the dwarf hire to be the games master for the evening. The dwarf will keep the party moving and ensure the party atmosphere is maintained while the drinks flow. This is a great way to ensure the party doesn’t die down after the initial buzz.  

Respect the Entertainment

It’s important to remember that your hired dwarf stripper is a professional entertainer. Respect should be the number one rule of the evening and all guests must be responsible and respectable in the company of the little person who is there to provide entertainment for the duration of the party.

Dwarf steppers and dwarf hire is a great way of ensuring everyone relaxes and has fun during the party you’re arranging. Great for giggles and the perfect form of entertainment for anyone hoping to provide a fun filled evening with friends and loved ones.