You’ve been given the task of putting together your work / office Christmas party and haven’t a clue where to start. Before panic sets in read our guide to the perfect office party and you’ll be able to keep on track with your planning, ensuring you have everything you need to pull off the best Christmas event ever..

Catering for Dummies

It is never acceptable to offer a prospective client a soggy lettuce sandwich, regardless of how tight your budget is. Without a doubt the best idea is to get outside help in; the food be fresh, tasty and look great and will be one less thing for you to worry about. Collect quotes from a number of caterers and make sure they are able to deliver food to the venue for the right time.

While mini quiches and sausage rolls might be out a professional caterer will be able to help you choose the right fare for your particular event, ensuring you stay within budget yet still impress guests and of course your boss.

Choosing the Right Venue

Where you host your event will depend entirely on your budget, how many people will be attending and a number of practical considerations such as where will have enough parking and is easy enough to get to.

If you have an open plan area at work large enough to accommodate everyone this would be the ideal solution, both from a budget point of view as well as having one less thing to organise. If this isn’t an option research venues carefully and consider price, capacity, travel links, whether you will need to get your own licence for serving alcohol and how good a space will look to all of those VIPs.

Arrange Professional Event Staff to Ensure All Goes Smoothly

Remember last year when Mavis from accounting got up on the conference table and flashed her bare chest in front of the CEO? What about when Derek from the design department threw up in the lap of your top client’s wife? It wasn’t pretty and this year you’ve been told that it will not happen again. What you need are staff to keep the conversation going, to help the crowd mingle, to divert possible Derek or Mavis disasters and to add shine and sparkle to the event.

What you need is our attractive well-trained and professional event staff to greet the guests and ensure that this party is one to remember for all of the right reasons.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

For some events a themed party works brilliantly, for other they don’t. Before you decide upon a flashy fancy Hawaiian Christmas and insist on all guests come in a grass skirt or open floral shirt consider how well this will go down with the attendees. Simplicity and class is what makes an evening easier to manage so if what you are looking for is more of a suave corporate event than a drunken leaving do type of affair you may need to go ditch the tropical flowers and go back to basics.

This doesn’t mean your event should be boring, it simply means that quirky and original doesn’t need to come in the form of flamboyant costumes and fire breathing entertainment staff (think of what the risk management team would say!).

Don’t Blow the Boss’ Budget

While it is important to ensure that the party does indeed go off with a bang you need to make sure that you don’t blow up your manager’s credit card in the process. Keep an eye on your spending and with some savvy planning there is no reason why you can’t pull off the perfect professional party without a hitch.