Spicing up your hen do with hunky naked butlers is guaranteed to turn a typical night out a cheeky one. The naked butlers not only bring some excellent candy for the eyes, they’re also born entertainers. Ready to turn on the charm and bring on the laughter. The guys spend the night waiting on your every need while dressed in nothing more than an apron and a bow tie. Sounds great, right?

Games to Play with Naked Butlers

Your naked butlers have arrived, now what? Obviously, they will know their job inside out, but you can add some extra spice to the evening by playing one or more of these top 5 cheeky games to enjoy at hen parties.


Twisty Fun with Twister

You can’t ever go wrong with Twister and it’s the perfect way to get the party started. Twister is the classic ‘board game’ with a large plastic mat covered with coloured circle. Players take it in turns, obeying the selected spin results ending up with everyone in a comical knot on the mat. The game gets everyone in funny positions and the winner is the last one standing. Twister is a fun game at the best of times. Now imagine it with your merry hens and a few naked butlers. Get your cameras and a spinner that decides what colour circle is in play for each move, along with a body part (hand or a foot) As at the ready!

Naked Butlers

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Okay, perhaps pin the tail on the donkey isn’t the right name for it, but you get the idea. You could go as wild with this one as you like, perhaps with a realistic or more comical cut out of a male appendage or go for a strap on toy for a more ‘authentic’ experience. Either way, the hen party take it in turns to try and position the toy or picture in the right position on the male naked butler. Giggles galore await along with a chance to get up close and slightly more personal with your waiter!

Truth or Dare

Have your naked butler host a game of truth or dare. Everyone knows the risks that come with truth or dare. Each hen is asked if they would like to tell the truth to a question or take a dare instead. If they choose truth, they must be honest with their response to the saucy question. If they choose a dare, they need to complete a dare that they are given.

Failing to complete the dare or answer truthfully results in a consequence, such as downing a rather strong shot. The questions and the dares can be revealing and a great way of bonding together as a group.

Life Drawing

Naked butlers are beautiful to look at, so how about capturing their charm permanently using art. The naked butler can get into a pose for all the hens to sit around and draw while sipping cocktails and eating nibbles. Choose whether to use pencils, paint or even go for some sculptural art if you’d prefer some 3D art. The naked butler can then choose the best one to add some competition to the activity.

Who’s Who

Place a blind fold on the hen and ask her to identify all the hens using touch alone. This is a great game to surprise the hen with the naked butler as he should be positioned last in the line. The hen moves down the line guessing who’s who before being surprised by the muscular shape at the end of the game. A brilliant party starter to kick off the night.

The top 5 cheeky party games can result in laughter, light-hearted embarrassment and lewdness to really keep the party atmosphere alive. Make the most of your naked butler and let your hair down with your hens for a memorable night. To book your naked butlers fill in our quick quote form here.

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