Calling all best men and chief bridesmaids! It’s time to start planning the stag do or hen party for the lucky married man/woman to be, which takes a considerable amount of thought and decision making. However, allow us to take the strain off planning from your shoulders with one almighty dream getaway for your group. Take yourself and your entourage where the possibilities of what you could get up to are almost endless. We are, of course, talking about Marbella!

Take it Away!

Swapping the cobbled streets of the UK for the techno beats of sunnier shores has always been popular when it comes to holidays, stag dos and hen parties. The idea of soaking up the sun and setting your stag/hen up for married life is irresistible.

Rather than just settling for the same old alcohol-fuelled bonanza, why not go for something a little different? Something that sets your stag do/hen party apart from the rest!

Boot Camp

This may sound gruelling, but it’s far from the reality. Yes, you’ll get your sweat on but when you’re basking in the heat, that’s inevitable! You may as well enjoy the sun and squeeze some fitness in there at the same time. Chances are you went on a health kick before arriving, so there’s no point in slacking now you’re here.

A cheeky boot-camp includes splitting your crew into smaller groups of between 4-6 people and taking you on Europe’s biggest assault course. In-between, you can have access to one-on-one nutritionists to keep you on track during your stay.

Don’t worry, we’re not all stick and no carrot. Once you have completed your fitness for the day, feel free to get stuck in to some of the amazing activities available whilst you’re soaking up the sun, sand, sea and sangria!

Activities on Offer

Golf (But Not as You’d Expect)

Enjoy a couple of rounds of golf with your crew but in the presence of some of the cheekiest caddies around! Your caddy girl can help rein in your focus, or better still, provide the perfect distraction to your opponents!

Fancy a Tipple?

The first thing you’ll probably want after a training session is a stiff drink. Fair play to you, you deserve it! Why not cut out the fuss of heading to the bar and hire a beer wench, instead? These lovely ladies can provide you drinks on demand, so you have more time to stick together as a group!

Kick The Night Off (In Style!)

If you need a Grade-A promotion to your evening’s activities, then a promo girl or two is bound to place the centre of attention on your group! Spice up the event in style and have everybody else envious of your entourage!

Free the Nipple!

An empowering movement for women across the globe, so if you were to hire some topless waitresses, you’re bound to have some proud girls that are quite happy to literally free the nipple! Whether it’s food or drink you’re after, they’ll be happy to serve.

Strip the Night Back – or Off

If you feel like everybody needs something a bit steamy for the night ahead, why not consider hiring a stripper? This one is bound to get your whole party under the collar – and all those around you too!

Paint Me Like One of Your French Guys

This one’s for you, ladies! Test your artistic skills in the presence of one fine specimen of a man – all in the buff! Life drawing classes are incredibly interactive, not to mention sensual.

Hire a Dwarf

Literally speaking, you can hire a dwarf to accompany you on your evening’s activities. They love to get involved and bring a different element to your typical night out. Make sure to get plenty of photos, to prove to your friends and family back home that you’re not talking rubbish!

Shaken, Not Stirred

What’s better than an exotic cocktail whilst soaking in the ambience of Marbella? If that cocktail was served by a buff butler, of course! These hunks are more than happy to provide anything you’re after – drinks wise, anyway! They love to help and make sure your evening is going to plan, just as you’d hope.

One Unforgettable Trip

There you have it – the Marbella experience summed up! The activities listed above are there for both stags and hens to enjoy. Don’t feel like you’ve got to stick to the traditional party ideas, people! If you have any questions about the Marbella packages we can offer, feel free to get in touch with us here.