A month or two ago, a Colombian mayor had to apologise for hiring male strippers to perform at an event organised to celebrate International Women’s Day. Alfredo Garcia claimed he had no idea that strippers were going to be part of the entertainment…

“To be honest I was completely unaware muscular men would dance in their underwear.” He said… we bet… the dirty dog!

This isn’t exactly outrageous to us. Here at Cheeky Events, our everyday is Strippergram this, Naked butler that, but let’s see why there was such outcry!

‘Vulgar’ Strippers?

The main issue people had with the cheeky part of the show in Colombia was the presence of children in the crowd– an outrage that we think is definitely fair enough. Male strippers aren’t the best choice of entertainment for an event that welcome’s kids. Trust us Alfredo, we know stripping and we know strippers, it’s not a sight for the young ones!

Some families described the scenes as ‘Vulgar’, maybe that’s a bit unfair on those poor strippers. They work hard on their bodies and we know our boys would hate that sort of reception; they’re all about the jaw dropping, and the whooping! However, we can completely understand where these families are coming from and we agree! We won’t be providing our naked butlers for church fates any time soon. Unless there happens to be an explosion in late night, over 18’s, cheeky church fates… never say never!

Mayor Garcia however, did admit that this form of entertainment was inappropriate for International Women’s day (IWD) and he was very apologetic. The apology hasn’t been enough to stop the Institute of Social Welfare investigating the incident to see if any laws were broken due to the presence of children.

Sexual Freedom

International Women’s day is held to celebrate the successes of women in a male dominated world. 364 events were held in the UK this year alone to support the cause. Rightly or wrongly, a lot of feminist language describes stripping as being the commodification of the female body. That’s the process of viewing the female body as a product we can buy and sell.

Considering this, a big issue for a lot of women is that they are seen as sexual objects and not valued for their intellect – this is either a really insensitive idea or a really ironic one. We’d like to think it was to celebrate the sexual freedom women can now enjoy. For a long time women have been seen as passive in sex. Now, we are lucky to live in a place where women are allowed to have their own sexual identities, they can be clever as well as sexy, they can ogle men, they can talk about orgasms, and even sleep around if they want (thank god!)

Regardless of what you think about the incident and whether it was appropriate for IWD, the fact we now have male strippers in the world is a triumph in itself. Some people just love being the centre of attention, especially our naked butlers; they can’t get enough female attention. They bloody love it!

The Housewife’s Shock

If you told a 1950s housewife she’d be able to cough up a bit of her spare dosh to have a ganders at some scantily clad fellas… she would probably faint, come round to tell you that sort of thing didn’t sound proper and faint again! Even the idea that she’d have her own money to spend on herself would have been a shock!

Thank Feminism

Cheeky Events only exists because of the advancement in women’s rights, which has allowed women to run businesses and exercise their sexual freedom. We should celebrate the fact that this sort of thing is available to women now, because it only recently has been in this country. Women love a bit of titillation as much as blokes do and we should be whole heartedly embracing that!