Success in business is all about sheer hard work and clever marketing. If you have a service to offer or a top product to sell then you need to make sure that people know about it and that they like what they see.

Exhibitions, trade shows, gift fairs and similar events offer fabulous opportunities for businesses, both new start-ups and established enterprises to shine, to push themselves up to the next level and expand their businesses.

Choosing the Right Event

Exhibition space comes at a premium and therefore it is important that you spend your marketing and advertising budget wisely here, choosing the right type of events to maximise your exposure to the right audiences. If you are looking ideally to market your wares on a wholesale basis then a trade show may be what you need.

If you are looking to sell to a specific group, for example pregnant mothers or new parents then a more niche event such as The Baby Show could be what you are looking for.

First Impressions Last

What you don’t want to do, having paid for a fabulous exhibition space, created a brilliantly designed and branded display and advertised your attendance widely is to scare off potential buyers, important contacts or service users with inexperienced staff.

Our well trained and extremely personable exhibition staff would be happy to man your exhibition and to roam the event advertising your brand, selling, answering questions or dealing with issues.

Top customer service is always appreciated and our professional staff offer this throughout the event, being friendly and approachable, handing out cards or flyers (whatever is required) and even wearing branded attire.

Glam it Up

The beauty of using highly trained exhibition staff is that it doesn’t matter if you are selling motor oil or lingerie, the male and female staff on our books can adapt to your target market. Oozing charm, sex appeal, a professional business-like attitude or even being a bit cheeky, our exhibition teams know what is needed to get the job done. Fabulously good-looking exhibition staff that make people want to talk to doesn’t hurt when reeling customers in either.

If you want to add some real sparkle to your exhibition, pushing your brand forward and offering the wow-factor to potential customers then you know who you need to get in touch with. At the end of the day your product will only be as good as your marketing and you want everyone else to know just how special and exciting it is by grabbing their attention. Ensure that you are able to show them from the first contact that you are a professional outfit who knows what’s what.