Your wedding will probably be the biggest party you ever throw in your life, the one where you’re the star of the show and must remain unfazed and glorious throughout.

Many people forget this part, and wrapped up in flower arrangements and bridesmaids dresses they assume that throwing a bunch of people together in a room will be enough to get the party started, however unfortunately this doesn’t normally work and the reasons are legion.


Most of us keep our friends in handy little boxes only to be pulled out when the specific need arises. We have girls or boys for the hen nights and big nights out, neighbours that we call on when we need a dog sitter and the sensible friends that are suitable for lunching.

For those of us that have already been around the block a few times, we may also have mums from school, our beautician and even the local barmaid depending on the enormity of the party.

The grooms friends will mix with the bride’s friend and some may get on a little too well leading to long referring situations after the honeymoon where you and your loved one are caught in the middle.


Our families too will be thrown into the great big melting pot, with many meeting for the first time, it’s impossible to judge if these will all get on, or not. Mother in laws and mothers will want to be an active part of the wedding, sharing the brides limelight, where we all have that cousin that will drool as soon as the over 18 bridesmaid make an entrance at the church.

We all have one nutter in our family that we’d prefer to be kept in the dark, or one loud uncle that declares, “I remember her first boyfriend, ginger spotty and ugly, this one’s definitely an improvement.”

Work Colleagues

Added to this the people from work, the ones that see you at your professional best at all times, and did you invite your boss? Suddenly the whole affair turns into a PR campaign with you at the centre determined not to put a foot wrong. If it goes well you may bag that promotion, if it goes none too well, you may find your boss avoids you for the term of your employment.

Then oh no, dishy Dave from IT is here, will he let out that you badgered him with emails after your snog at the office party?

Invest in Extras

Take the pain out the plus ones by getting a little help. No doubt you’ll already have thought of waitresses and waiters but our gorgeous men and women do a little bit more. They go the extra mile to elicit that smile. To make the single guest feel better and to make sure widowed uncle Jim doesn’t get out of control with the bridesmaids. Always clean and nothing smutty they simply know how to socialise, they know how to flirt in a friendly way to make every guest you pin point feel special.

Best of all nobody need know they’re not part of the original waiting staff, they’re just sociable creatures that go the extra mile to make your guests smile.