Most people relax after a long week at work with a couple of drinks on the weekend. I mean, drinking culture in Britain is all about living for the weekend, right? It’s all about putting work behind you and having a laugh. And that’s great, it’s part of us, and here at Cheeky Events we think it’s pretty important. But why is it so ingrained that we need a booze to relax? Does it actually help at all?

One thing is for sure; this isn’t a new revelation. We’ve been getting sloshed to relax for ages. Even Shakespeare referred to forgetting your worries over a drink… ‘Give me a bowl of wine. In this, I bury all unkindness…

But is there any good that can come from it? Or are we all just red faced binge drinkers drowning our sorrows with as many WKDs as we can keep down?

We reckon there’s a few benefits to social drinking…

Drunken Heart to Hearts

People often open up a bit when they’ve had a couple of drinks. You worry less about seeming like a complete idiot, so you end up saying stuff that’s on your mind. We don’t talk to each other about our problems enough. In the previous blog post I spoke about de-stressing as a group and the same applies here. Is there a problem or worry sitting heavy in your mind? Sharing it with someone will do you the world of good. If it takes you a couple of glasses of wine to loosen up to have a tipsy heart to heart about your relationship troubles, then fine! Perhaps a couple of cocktails  are the key to help you to talk about your money worries, then so be it!

Once it’s out in the open and someone else knows about it they can help you make sense of it, give you some advice, and alleviate some of the worry. Alcohol can open the door to conversation and that can really make all the difference.

Tipsy, Frisky and Risky

Studies have shown that alcohol consumption – within reason – can reduce stress levels. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows your body down. That means your reactions are slowed down as well. But what does it mean for stress levels?

Well, stress is defined as “the interpretation of events as indicators of hurt, loss, harm or threat”. So, something happens and you react by worrying about the consequences. The worry and dread comes from thinking the events will lead to something negative. Alcohol makes you less likely to interpret events as harmful. This is why people take risks they wouldn’t normally… like fighting, jumping off stuff or using the rhythm method or. Why though? Because they aren’t worried. They’re pretty chilled out… they may be in A&E or a clinic, but they’re certainly loving life!

Cat Fights

There was actually a study conducted in 1946 that showed that when cats were subjected to the effects of alcohol, their stress levels were reduced in conflict situations. I mean, that’s pretty amazing on a couple of levels. Firstly, if cats have had a martini, fighting stresses them out less! And secondly, someone got some cats drunk and watched them fight!

Reality Check

Now, let’s be a bit more serious. A few beers won’t solve any problem you’ve got. They might make you worry about it a bit less for a short period of time, but they aren’t the answer. Binge drinking culture is not the best influence on us when we need to think about our well-being, so just remember that it’s a break from your problem, not the solution.

Going on a night out with your mates to de-stress can be really helpful. Especially if you start by saying “I’m a bit stressed out, I need a night out”. Sometimes acknowledging it is half the battle. Why not wind down with cheeky night on the town? If your mates a bit stressed, why not get her some cheeky entertainment for a girl’s night out? Just make sure that between all the giggles you have enough time for a heart to heart. It’s not the drinks that drown your sorrows, but the chats you have when you’re a bit tipsy that can really lift your spirits!