If your groom-to-be has spotted this post title tell him not to worry, there will be nothing untoward at any of our events thank you. Well, nothing too naughty anyway.


If you are looking for something a bit different, something fun and even something to appeal to your boozy competitive side why not book a hen night with a difference?


Book Yourselves on a Cocktail Making Course


Cheeky Events understands that for many hens there has to be at least a little alcohol involved and so we always hoped that our cocktail making course  would prove popular, and it certainly has. The course lasts approximately two hours and every one of the one hundred and twenty minutes are filled with fun, frolics and copious amounts of alcohol. Available in a range of locations from London to Bristol, to Bath and beyond there are plenty of opportunities around the UkKfor you and your thirsty hens to experiment.


One of the best things about our cocktail making course is that as well as being brilliant fun they can be hosted pretty much anywhere with enough space. This means that if you want to have mixologists visit you at home or even at a hotel if you’ve booked a weekend away then that is fine.


What to Expect


The mixologists (quite a sexy title we think) are especially trained and can’t wait to teach you some tricks of the trade. Every member of the party will have the opportunity throughout the session to:

  • Enjoy an introduction to cocktail making talk and demonstration
  • Watch and take part in a specially created tutorial including learning clever techniques using the equipment provided (not as sinister as it sounds, promise),
  • Watch the mixologists create at least two cocktails which will then be tried out by the group, hic!
  • Work as a group to create their own cocktails (around 2-3 throughout the session). This could be a cocktail the hens have heard of, seen at the session or a completely unique mixture of their own.
  • Last but not least be split into teams for a master cocktail making challenge, the losers of which have to drink a not so fabulous cocktail (think the stuff of dares) and the winner will enjoy an extra special shot put together by the mixologists themselves.


Our friendly and highly trained mixologists bring everything you’ll need with them, including those cute little drinks umbrellas and will guide you through the session, ensuring that while you are learning something about the art of cocktail making that you’ll be having a fabulous time.


Will you be able to toss drinks like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, or dance on the bar while twirling bottles like on Coyote Ugly? Probably not. What you will do though is have a rip-roaring time and quite possibly get more than a little tipsy.