When you ask your favourite groom to be what he wants to do for his stag do and he says “Anything really” you know that he really means “I’m up for anything”, right? When he insists that he absolutely does not want a stripper at his party you also recognise that he is really saying “Hell yes!”, while hoping his future mother-in-law doesn’t hear about it? Of course you do. You wouldn’t have been given the job of Best Man if you didn’t know how to read the signals.


Here at Cheeky Events we supply the very best strippergrams for your party, classy ladies who know how to strut their stuff in style. Not only are our female strippergrams the sexiest anywhere (in our humble opinion) they are amongst the most affordable.


The Low Down

Our luscious ladies will be happy to gyrate to music, offering an exciting dance routine, the likes of which your King Stag has never even imagined, let alone seen. The tantalising dance sequence will last ten to fifteen minutes and is guaranteed to have all eyes on stalks and everything else standing to attention.


After the Dance

Our lovely ladies really are down to earth girls who will be happy to hang around for a while after the dance so that you and your mates may have their pictures taken for a truly unique memento of a truly momentous evening.


The Rules
We know, rules tend to suck all of the fun out of a party however these rules are in place to make sure that everyone enjoys the night and remembers it fondly.

  1. Check with your venue to ensure that having a stripper is allowed. Some venues require you to be granted special permission for a full striptease (g-strings stay intact) while others strictly prohibit it. It would be awful for the night’s entertainment to be cancelled at the last minute because of red tape so make sure everything is sorted in advance.
  2. You look with your eyes and not with your hands. When our strippergrams visit you it is to dance, smile, have their photos taken and bid you a fond farewell. They do not intend being part of a petting zoo and no breaking of this rule will be tolerated.
  3. You absolutely must have fun.

Now the heavy stuff is out of the way all that remains is for you to do is to organise a suitable venue, get the guest list together, have a whip round (our strippergram charges start at £110 although a more specific quote can be provided depending on locations etc) and set the date.
How far in advance the Groom decides to tell his fiancée that there will be a strippergram at the stag do is up to him to decide / organise.