It has been a long time coming however you now have all of the paperwork through (and possibly already framed) which means you are a free woman. Divorce is rarely pleasant, uncomplicated and stress-free so having everything finalised so that you may draw a line under something which didn’t work out as you’d hoped may be something of a liberating experience.

You celebrate a number of life events such as birthdays, engagements, hen nights, marriages and anniversaries, all of which signify an important milestone in your life and so why not celebrate your divorce as a new chapter in your life? Blow off some much pent up steam and then open the door to new opportunities and a new you.

Happy divorce parties are not new by any means and like the British adoption of the more Americanised baby showers they are gaining popularity quickly, The main thing you need to remember when it comes to a divorcee bash is to make sure it is memorable (and not to invite your ex-mother in law).

The Decree Nisi Absolute Divorcee Party Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure that you have everything you need to throw the ultimate “Happy Divorce” party.


  • The Right Guests. While a divorce party is a get together aimed at celebrating a new chapter in someone’s life it may be emotional at times (in a good and healthy way) and so what the merry divorcee wants is to have people around her that are important to her and who are truly happy for her. Whether you are organising the event for yourself, being the so-called happy divorcee or are the divorce-maid-of-honour for a friend or family member think over the guest list carefully.
  • The Right Food and Drink. This is a special event and we want to see cake, we want food which looks fabulous and tastes wonderful and of course alcohol must be in good supply. Indeed whether the guest of honour is a wine drinker or  cocktail lover we feel what she really could use is a naked butler to make sure her glass is never empty and her evening is full of eye candy as well as a number of other sweet treats.A naked butler knows how to keep his guests happy, to keep the party going and make sure the leading lady receives plenty of attention. Oh, and he serves food and drink too which is a bonus.


  • The Right Music. This is not an event which will benefit from the Thirty Years of Love Songs Album. Consider eighties party tracks, the Grease soundtrack and  for quieter times arrange background music with a feel-good vibe. Karaoke is absolutely acceptable and should be encouraged.
  • The Right Venue. This party is all about the lady with the shiny new “Single and Happy” aura and so the venue should be somewhere she will feel happy and comfortable. A closed off venue is probably better than trying to arrange something in a club or bar so someone’s house is probably the best bet. You need somewhere that is large enough, comfortable enough, has space for food and drink and of course is private enough so that the naked butler doesn’t need to be worried about being kidnapped by outsiders.


While it may sound someone flippant to want to throw yourself or someone else a party to celebrate the end of something important it is essential that everyone remember that it is also the beginning of something important too. Here at Cheeky Events we feel that every important event should be celebrated properly and are on hand to supply whatever you need, whenever you need it.