Corporate events shouldn’t be just all business – there is always room to inject some cheekiness into your event. Whether you’re arranging a conference, a hospitality day or a promo event, it’s important to create an event that gets your message across. Just as importantly you’ve got to keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout.

If you want to stage a corporate event that will get everyone talking, read on to discover some great entertainment ideas to ensure that your event is as cheeky as it is successful!

Make the Stars Come Out at Your Drinks Evening

Guaranteed to add a touch of glamour and star-appeal to any event, if you’re planning a drinks reception for your next corporate event, then booking a celebrity lookalike will help you achieve the wow-factor like nothing else.

Perfect for events that you want to create a bit of hype around. You can hire lookalikes from the worlds of pop, film and TV. Alternatively, you can really wow your guests by inviting the Queen along!

Have your lookalikes mingle amongst your guests and watch the fun develop as they wonder whether they’re standing next to the ‘real’ Will Smith or not. Make a big introduction and set up a photo booth for your guests to have their photo taken with their favourite celeb. Whichever way you go, you can be certain that your guests will be sharing photos and talking about your event for ages.

Arrange a Round of Golf With a Twist

Everyone knows that golf and business talk go hand-in-hand. But, with it being such common practice to treat your prospective clients or business partners to a round of golf when you want to talk about the details of your next big project, how are you going to make your meeting stick in their mind?

Hiring a cheeky Caddie Girl is one way to ensure that this is a round of golf they definitely won’t be able to forget. Add a sense of fun that will most definitely show off your playful side, whilst the Caddy Girls will be able to make an impression with their command of golf terminology, expert club selection know-how and understanding of golf etiquette. We can guarantee though, their ability to select a wedge over a putting iron won’t be the first thing your guests notice!

Although this might not be a day for discussing the finer points of a business deal, these trained Caddy Girls are guaranteed to help your guests have their most memorable round of golf for a long time – even if they finish the round way below par.

Glam Up Your Promotional Event

Let’s face it, promotional events can be really great, or they can just blend into all the others. Ensure yours stands out from all the rest by bringing in a team of professional promo girls and event staff. Hiring a team of promo girls isn’t just about adding glamour and sex appeal to your event – although that undoubtedly makes an impression!

Engaging, entertaining and charming, promotional and events staff are professionally trained and will be confident meeting and greeting your guests, handing out promotional materials or even keeping their glasses topped up with some celebratory champagne.

Whether you want your promo staff to wear branded corporate-wear, or to add a cheeky sense of fun in skimpy bunny outfits or themed costumes, they’ll definitely add a sense of glamour and excitement that will keep everyone talking.

First Impressions Last

So, you’ve hired a wow-worthy venue and drawn up the perfect guest list. Now make sure that your first impressions last by giving your corporate event a cheeky little twist to ensure it goes with a bang.

After all, there’s no better marketing tool than creating a spectacular and fun event that will really get people talking!