Over the next few posts I’ll be covering the topic of stress. As we’re in the events game, our main aim is give people a good time no matter what, the only thing we stress about is relieving yours! It’s something we all suffer from no matter who we are, its time we started talking about it and getting it to sling its bloody hook.

As I know, most of you simply cannot wait for stress relief tips so to kick us off I’ve hunted around for some quick fixes. Time pressure is a major stress factor for most of us. We have to juggle our jobs, family and social lives, so we all like a quick fix. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to cure you, but it might relieve you a bit – and who doesn’t want a bit of relief eh?

Did you ever see how much gum Alex Ferguson used to chew? He still does, even in the stands. If you watch any football Manager on the touchline nowadays he’s probably going to be chomping on a big wad of Wrigley’s, am I right? You know I am. Big Sam of West Ham does it, the Brodge (Thank Noel Gallagher for the nickname) of Liverpool does it, but why? Well it actually eases stress. The process of chewing ‘gum’ can actually be dated back to Ancient Greece where people would chew on resin gum. Chewing Gum relieves stress because when you chew your muscles contract which is a form of exercise (it doesn’t replace a run though, okay?). This means that some of the benefits you get from exercise happen when you chew gum. In contrast, but still a positive for stress relief, chewing gum stimulates the Vagus Nerve in the brain which lowers your heart rate making you feel relaxed.

If you’d like to know a bit more about why it relieves stress then read on here: http://www.confectionerynews.com/R-D/Chewing-gum-for-over-10-mins-relieves-stress-study

Chewing Gum makes you hungry, it makes your body think your about to have to digest something, but that’s actually fine because it fits neatly with our next little tip for stress relief – trust me this one is even better. Chocolate and Cocoa are known to reduce stress.. yes I am telling you to eat chocolate. Don’t worry though, you can show this blog to your conscience tomorrow, but make it Green and Blacks or something with a large Cocoa percentage, the higher the percentage the more antioxidants your going to get, which is the bit that relieves stress.

Personally, I think the last tip is the best. A lot quick tips on stress relief include ‘Just smile’ because that makes you feel better but I think there’s a better way. Why don’t you do something that actually makes you smile, or even something that makes you laugh. That shouldn’t blow your mind though, you should be doing this regularly and if your not, then why not?! Getting together with mates for a laugh and a giggle is probably the best quick fix for stress. Laughing lowers levels of hormones likely to increase feelings of stress such as cortisol and adrenaline and releases feel good hormones like dopamine. Why not organise a night out with some pre-lash entertainment, something a bit cheeky, something that’ll make you giggle, or split your sides laughing at your embarrassed mate. Sometimes things are as simple as taking it lightly.. so here’s a feather and a naked butler.