Ah the ol’ stag do. The epitome of lads being lads – there is no party quite like a stag party. Alcohol aplenty, inevitable pranks and humiliation towards the man who’s about to be tied down. Although, in truth, stag dos generally go one way or the other; one to remember or a night to quickly forget!

What you don’t want to do is come up with a stag do plan that is boring and lacklustre – this obviously will not help. These are what we call cliché stag parties, which don’t really sound that exciting, but rather playing it safe.

If you want some ideas for a stag do to remember, you’re in just the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas you can incorporate in your weekend (or full week) of shenanigans.

Beer Wenches

Regardless of what activities you plan around the evening(s), the consumption of alcohol is always the main attraction. We’re not just talking beer, we’re talking shots, shorts, kegs, slammers and steins!

The idea of beer wenches derives from the German beer festival Oktoberfest, where stunningly attractive women in Bavarian outfits service your table with alcohol for the evening. Not only does this guarantee that the happy juice flows consistently, but you don’t have to get up to queue!

Beer wenches can operate in two ways. Either you set aside a certain amount of money, otherwise known as a kitty, which they use to purchase the beer. They can provide up-to-date balances and will warn you when you’re running low – heaven forbid! The other method is simply to pay by the round. Either way, your backside remains firmly on your seat with no interruptions to your night’s jokes and anecdotes.

Just be warned, because you’re not getting up, the drunkenness can creep on you slowly! Your head may feel fine, but you won’t be able to judge the legs until it’s perhaps too late! Take toilet breaks to test the pins out – see if they are still steady!

Let’s Tee Off in Style!

As most stag dos occur over a weekend, one of the common activities to participate in is a round of golf. Some say it’s therapeutic, some say it’s a sport they can master. For you trusty stags, it’s an opportunity to put a sexy twist on the classic gentleman’s game. How, you ask? Cheeky golf caddies, of course!

That’s right, you can hire a gorgeous caddy to chauffeur your group round the course and even throw some distracting moves towards your opponents. This works especially well if your golf game is shoddy and you need a helping hand.

Don’t worry, if you take golf seriously, the caddies will abide by the rules of the game…but rules were truly meant to be broken, right?

Say Hello to My Little Friend

There are some stag do activities that can be viewed as unique or a little outside the box, but this one is sure to round up a chuckle or two. Why not handcuff a dwarf to your stag for the night? Yes, the idea seems bizarre, but this is a stag do and these are nights that are meant to be out of the ordinary. Everyone will forget most of the night due to sheer drunkenness, but everybody will remember the little bloke who tagged along all evening.

On a serious note, though, the dwarves that you hire for your stag do at the end of the day are human beings. So no derogatory terms, no abuse is going to be tolerated and make sure you make them feel welcome. That’s the whole rules and regulations out the way, go and get a little man and have a banging night!

Back To Basics

If you feel like your stag do is meant for the classics, then there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what you know. The tradition is to hire a stripper, which is guaranteed to spice up your night and leave your group blushing by the end.

The routines range from safe right down to the down-right dirty, it all depends on how memorable you want the night to be. You can even cement the memory by having some snaps with the beautiful girls. We don’t recommend whipping out the Polaroid pics on the wedding day, the bride-to-be might not be impressed.

Top the Night Off

Ironically speaking, of course! When we say you can top the night off, there isn’t a top in sight for this next idea. Topless waitresses can be hired to provide entertainment and service your group with drinks and cheeky, flirty banter! Think of the bar wenches from above but imagine them in nothing but a short skirt and a massive smile.

They are prepared to get involved with anything…within reason! At the end of the day, they are there to ensure you have a night never to forget, but they are also working at the same time. Dream combination? Maybe so.

Plenty of Choice

As you can see, a stag do doesn’t need to be cliché! Why not combine all the ideas above together? You’ve got one hell of a night right there. The stag do packages that are available will give you the ability to plan a weekend that is sure to go down in lad history.

If you’re solely in charge of planning the stag do, you will forever be known as a legend and you’ll probably never have to buy a drink again for the remainder of your life.

Your best mate is getting hitched, so give him one last night of freedom!