The festive season is the one time of year we all get our party hats on. In the lead up to Christmas and the New Year our calendars become jam-packed with festive party nights, drinks catch ups and full blown glitzy celebrations. Despite the season being a cheeky one where your inner party-animal can come out to play. There is another side to the fun that we often forget about – the planning! Whilst most of us are deciding on what sequin dress or dapper new blazer to don for the event. A small percentage are worrying about every minor detail from glassware to guest-lists. If you are part of that minority population this blog is for you. 

As corporate entertainment and hospitality events become ever more spectacular, it is important to make your event stand out from the rest. The competition is truly on to make your event an enjoyable and memorable experience for guests. Skilled, professional event staff are a great way to inject some additional fun and excitement into your event. As well helping with the smooth running of the evening ensuring the bash is a smash. Here are some exciting ways of involving event staff in your upcoming soiree: 

Cheeky Canapés – Butlers in the buff and Cheeky Waitresses

A great way to get any event going is those highly anticipated welcome drinks and nibbles. One way to make them even more appetising is service with some added sass. Naked butlers and scantily clad waitresses are a cheeky addition to the arrival service for your guests. Wanting something a bit more sophisticatedly? Staff don’t have to be completely in the buff to add that extra bit of festive naughtiness. Your event team can be dressed according to a venue theme. Perhaps you’re going with a classic Christmas colour scheme or a little bit of glamour for a New Year’s Eve celebration. The service staff are adaptable and look wonderful in anything… and well, not in anything too.

Of course many venues provide delivery staff who are trained in hospitality and service, but the beauty of ‘cheekier’ event staff is that they have a special flair and charm. They will engage attendees attention, setting the mood for the evening ahead. Not all corporate events run the same course and perhaps you aren’t planning to have canapés and welcome drinks. An alternative to this usual format is to utilise the cheeky staff in greeting attendees with drinks tokens or simply taking coats. Whatever you decide the goal is to ensure the opening of your event runs smoothly. Involving attractive and attentive staff as part of the introduction to the evening you will kick start the festivities with a smile on your attendees faces. 

Festive party Cheeky promo staff

Santa’s Helpers lending a hand with your Festive Party

You can’t talk festive party plans without thinking about Elves. Whether it’s that dreaded Elf on the shelf or the classic Will Ferrell movie. Why not pop some fun into the evening by hiring professional dwarfs in costume? Dwarf hire is a charming way to add some humour for photo opportunities and encourage guest engagement. Perhaps you are planning to have a photo booth at your event? In which case a team of Elves to get in on the action would be a Christmas treat! Have the little helpers hand out party favours to guests. If you are planning to host an awards ceremony as part of your corporate celebrations Elves make for exceptional prize givers to the worthy winners.

It is important to remember if you are thinking of hiring dwarfs for your event they are a fun addition not a joke. These people are professionals and are skilled entertainers and so must be treated with respect. Equal to the outstanding level of courtesy they give to employers and attendees. Dwarf hire isn’t just for Christmas. Your New Year event theme could easily accommodate this extra bit of fun for your guests.

Tequila Gals and Guys – A Shot of Fun

It is the season to be merry! We know that can involve a tipple or two at corporate and commercial events. We all know the pain of queuing at the bar and it is one of an event organisers biggest fear in creating a negative, stale atmosphere amongst the party. A great way to diffuse bar traffic and keep guests spirits going is with professional staff providing a cheeky shot. Whether it’s tequila, Bailey’s or in keeping with the popular Pornstar Martini tradition, a little pop of fizz. Drinks staff can circulate the room providing top ups accordingly.

As well as bringing the party the professional staff bring a knowledge of responsible drinking. Not a sexy topic during the season when we are all culpable for having more to drink than usual. But for an event to be a success it is important to know that guests safety is at the heart of the festivities. Drinks dispensing staff are fully trained on the promotion of responsible drinking and are literate in the regulations of alcohol distribution. The attire for the affair is completely up to you as an organiser and staff are quite flexible to outfits for the occasion. Whether it’s something as simple as festive fancy dress or elaborate themes.

Why not hire a make-up artist for the occasion and get that full glam effect for the staff to have that extra awe on your guest. Just be aware if you are paying for promotion people’s time that includes preparation so be sure to include this in your budget plans.

Celebrity Lookalikes on the Guest-list

One way to get your guests talking at your festive party is throwing a familiar face amongst them! Some dopplegangers can be so good that you’ll have some people fooled that they are the real deal. Without the trouble of blowing the budget on an A-lister and having to deal with a diva level list of demands they might come with. Lookalikes will provide a talking point; a potential photo opportunity and depending on the nature of the celeb it can be an entertainment factor.

Lookalikes range from famous sports people, film and tv stars and sought after singers. Although we can’t guarantee their vocals will match their twin-like looks of the celeb. A great way to add a little sprinkle of specialness to your festive party is with a Royal lookalike, especially after the excitement of the Royal nuptials of Meghan and Harry. Cheeky Events even have politician lookalikes available for your next shindig. Although, maybe a touch more serious and risky because of current affairs. However, you wouldn’t quickly forget an evening you spent dancing with a Boris Johnson mirror image. 

Festive party Prince Harry Lookalike

We hope that this has given you some fun ideas for your upcoming festive party. If any of these options interest you Cheeky Events work with only the best in the industry and offer staff that are equally as professional as they are cheeky. If you’d like more information take a look at our service pages to get an idea of staff cost, etc. For any specific requirements and booking enquiries feel free to pop us an enquiry on our contact us page.