Top 10 Hen Party Destinations and Activities UK 2019

Being given the honour of planning your friend’s hen party is more than just a responsibility. It’s a toast to the friendship that you have with the bride-to-be, so of course you want to make it as special as possible! Depending on what kind of girl your clucking hen is, you may be wondering […]

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Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events shouldn’t be just all business – there is always room to inject some cheekiness into your event. Whether you’re arranging a conference, a hospitality day or a promo event, it’s important to create an event that gets your message across. Just as importantly you’ve got to keep your guests entertained and engaged […]

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Out of the Box Party Ideas: Dwarf Hire

It’s time to plan a party and you need to make it one of the best parties, ever! Not an easy task! But when it comes to organising celebrations that you really care about, it’s not unusual to try to come up with unique ideas and experiences that will make you nothing less than […]

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Cheeky Stag Do Ideas 2018

Ah the ol’ stag do. The epitome of lads being lads – there is no party quite like a stag party. Alcohol aplenty, inevitable pranks and humiliation towards the man who’s about to be tied down. Although, in truth, stag dos generally go one way or the other; one to remember or a night […]

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Ultimate Hen Party Cocktail Recipes

If you’re reading this, then you are probably in the midst of stressing yourself ragged whilst trying to plan the perfect hen party for your bridal friend! The honour and responsibility alone are a huge weight on somebody’s shoulders, but now is your time to shine!

There are many ways you can make a […]

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Top 5 Wildest Party Places in the UK 2018

If you’re tying the knot, settling down and preparing to say, “I do,” don’t panic – the party isn’t over yet! Because your Stag or Hen Do is THE party event of a lifetime, we’ve rounded up 5 of the wildest party places where you can enjoy your last night of freedom to the […]

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Lift your Spirits With A Cat Fight: How Social Drinking Can Help You Deal with Stress

Most people relax after a long week at work with a couple of drinks on the weekend. I mean, drinking culture in Britain is all about living for the weekend, right? It’s all about putting work behind you and having a laugh. And that’s great, it’s part of us, and here at Cheeky Events […]

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Fancy a Screaming Orgasm

If your groom-to-be has spotted this post title tell him not to worry, there will be nothing untoward at any of our events thank you. Well, nothing too naughty anyway.


If you are looking for something a bit different, something fun and even something to appeal to your boozy competitive side why not book a […]

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Organising the Perfect Work Christmas Party

You’ve been given the task of putting together your work / office Christmas party and haven’t a clue where to start. Before panic sets in read our guide to the perfect office party and you’ll be able to keep on track with your planning, ensuring you have everything you need to pull off the […]

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What Makes a Party Memorable?

If you’ve decided to throw your own party you’ll probably have a few things on your mind such as:

• How to make it better than everyone else’s
• How much attention you’ll receive
• How long people will talk about it for afterwards
• If it’ll make that girl or guy interested
• How to have the night of your life but make […]

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