Naked Butlers

Top 5 Cheeky Party Games to Play with your Naked Butlers

Spicing up your hen do with hunky naked butlers is guaranteed to turn a typical night out a cheeky one. The naked butlers not only bring some excellent candy for the eyes, they’re also born entertainers. Ready to turn on the charm and bring on the laughter. The guys spend the night waiting on your […]

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4 big stars who were strippers before they hit the big time!

It may be a surprise to some that many of our household names used to work the pole, or get their kit off for a living – it may be a bigger surprise that a lot of them are blokes! We’ve compiled a little list of 4 famous actors that have been paid to show […]

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4 Ways to Use a Naked Butler

Our naked butlers are one of our most popular services, they’re always in demand.

Just what can you do with a naked butler at your event?

It does of course depend on your theme, the size and venue of the party but here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration, if the butlers being […]

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What You Can and Can’t Do With Your Naked Butler

Our naked butlers are hot property right now, their six packs, summer tans and bulging muscles make them the buff party accessory every woman, and some men want.

They certainly add spice to an event, whether it’s a hen night, fundraising event, sporting event or even a get together with friends and it’s easy to […]

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