Unusual and Hilarious Hen Party Package Ideas

A stereotypical hen party involves dressing up in silly themed outfits, heading to the nearest bar and drinking a lot of tequila/wine/vodka (delete as applicable), dancing around handbags, and generally having some girly fun. Whilst there is nothing wrong with organising this kind of hen party package, if you want the bride to have […]

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The Ultimate Stag Party Destinations 2019


When it finally comes time to tie the knot, many grooms choose to celebrate with a party with the boys before the big event takes place. Quite often, the plan is to hold the event out of town where a lot of fun can be had. This has led to some destinations developing a […]

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4 big stars who were strippers before they hit the big time!

It may be a surprise to some that many of our household names used to work the pole, or get their kit off for a living – it may be a bigger surprise that a lot of them are blokes! We’ve compiled a little list of 4 famous actors that have been paid to show […]

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Male Strippers at International Women’s Day Event: Ludicrous or The Sweetest Irony?

A month or two ago, a Colombian mayor had to apologise for hiring male strippers to perform at an event organised to celebrate International Women’s Day. Alfredo Garcia claimed he had no idea that strippers were going to be part of the entertainment…

“To be honest I was completely unaware muscular men would dance in […]

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The Ultimate Opinion Poll: Cameron, Clegg, Miliband… Snog, Marry, or Avoid?

Its election season, the winds of change are in the air and everyone is really excited about the 7th of May (We think). Opinion poll after opinion poll have left us thinking that a coalition is pretty likely. Television debates have not really shed any particular shining light on any of the party leaders.

Here […]

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Election Scandal or a fuss over nothing? UKIP Porn-star Stands as Councillor

Right, so UKIP have a veteran porn-star running in the Bristol City Council elections. Johnny ‘Rockard’ Langley is a candidate for the position of Councillor in the Stockwood constituency. Unsurprisingly… this has caused some controversy. But why?

He’s a talent scout for adult films and runs his own business Johnny Rockard Global Media. We’ve had […]

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Lift your Spirits With A Cat Fight: How Social Drinking Can Help You Deal with Stress

Most people relax after a long week at work with a couple of drinks on the weekend. I mean, drinking culture in Britain is all about living for the weekend, right? It’s all about putting work behind you and having a laugh. And that’s great, it’s part of us, and here at Cheeky Events […]

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Fancy a Screaming Orgasm

If your groom-to-be has spotted this post title tell him not to worry, there will be nothing untoward at any of our events thank you. Well, nothing too naughty anyway.


If you are looking for something a bit different, something fun and even something to appeal to your boozy competitive side why not book a […]

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The Decree Absolute Divorcee Party for Ladies

It has been a long time coming however you now have all of the paperwork through (and possibly already framed) which means you are a free woman. Divorce is rarely pleasant, uncomplicated and stress-free so having everything finalised so that you may draw a line under something which didn’t work out as you’d hoped […]

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