Out of the Box Party Ideas: Dwarf Hire

It’s time to plan a party and you need to make it one of the best parties, ever! Not an easy task! But when it comes to organising celebrations that you really care about, it’s not unusual to try to come up with unique ideas and experiences that will make you nothing less than […]

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Cheeky Festive Party Ideas

The festive season is the one time of year we all get our party hats on. In the lead up to Christmas and the New Year our calendars become jam-packed with festive party nights, drinks catch ups and full blown glitzy celebrations. Despite the season being a cheeky one where your inner party-animal can […]

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Cheeky Stag Do Ideas 2018

Ah the ol’ stag do. The epitome of lads being lads – there is no party quite like a stag party. Alcohol aplenty, inevitable pranks and humiliation towards the man who’s about to be tied down. Although, in truth, stag dos generally go one way or the other; one to remember or a night […]

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Ultimate Hen Party Cocktail Recipes

If you’re reading this, then you are probably in the midst of stressing yourself ragged whilst trying to plan the perfect hen party for your bridal friend! The honour and responsibility alone are a huge weight on somebody’s shoulders, but now is your time to shine!

There are many ways you can make a […]

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3 Reasons Why Grid Girls Should Be Here to Stay!

Grid girls have been a hot topic of late – especially in Formula 1 where they were rumoured to be banned, then not banned, then maybe replaced by kids, then brought back again – only to be banned again – possibly. Who knows what’s going on with the situation anymore!? We can’t keep up!

If […]

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Wanksy, The Pothole Street Artist: Genius or Villain?

Here at Cheeky Events we’re interested in anything bit naughty and hilarious… but we’ll be honest we didn’t really know what to think about this.  Fun is an important component of any balanced lifestyle but political activism isn’t something most people would normally associate with fun, is it? Despite that, a street artist with […]

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What do you get a golf enthusiast for their birthday?

When men reach a certain age it can become really hard to buy them birthday presents. Once they’ve hit 40 it just harder and harder to not buy them socks and beer. There’s only so many books a bloke can read and there’s only so many jumpers a bloke can wear. Most men of […]

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5 Reasons Why We should leave Pole Dancing to the Professionals and 1 Reason We shouldn’t

Pole dancing is getting more popular by the day. It isn’t just something that strippers use to maximise the amount of dollar bills blokes stuff into their knickers anymore; it’s a bit of fun and a bit of fitness for anyone who wants a go. Okay, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but […]

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5 Surprising Facts about Strippers

Just under a third if girls are in education.

Research from sociologists at Leeds University has shown that almost a third of strippers or erotic dancers are in education and are using the extra cash to help pay for their studies. The data was collected from interviews with 200 strip club dancers.

Maybe it’s because thinking […]

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How to Relax Even if You Can’t: Benefits of Spa Treatments for Stress Relief

Nobody likes stress. Here at Cheeky Events we’re all about chilling out, partying down and forgetting all about your worries. We also know that it’s easier said than done. The last blog gave you a few quick tips for stress relief but this time I’ll give you a tip that will take a bit […]

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