Our naked butlers are hot property right now, their six packs, summer tans and bulging muscles make them the buff party accessory every woman, and some men want.

They certainly add spice to an event, whether it’s a hen night, fundraising event, sporting event or even a get together with friends and it’s easy to see why they’re in such high demand.

Not only do our naked butlers have to look great and be confident, they also have to be the perfect waiter. This is no easy feat when faced with a room full of hungry, tipsy women and many end the night covered in lipstick as they try to escape when their time is up.

We’re not here to spoil your fun. Far from it. We’re here to let you know what you can and can’t do with your naked butler.

You Can’t Marry Your Naked Butler

Although many of our naked butlers are single, you can’t force him to marry you. Believe us, we’ve had women that have tried, especially with the new craze of drive through Vegas type weddings in the UK. You could ask him on a date for the future but he’s not allowed to answer. He’s not allowed to become romantically involved (sexual or otherwise) with a client and so it may be best until you pass him in the street or bump into him when you’re not paying for his time.

You Can’t Leave Him to Babysit

This should be self-explanatory but it happens. He’s not allowed to babysit. He really doesn’t want to. He won’t eat your children but his role isn’t very child friendly.

You Can’t Get Him Cleaning Drains

He’s there to serve you, this is true and he will wash up after the event but cleaning drains? It’s like trusting your toddler to do it. He’s no plumber, although he can wear a plumber’s outfit if it floats your boat?

You Can’t Badger Him to Get Off With your Best Mate

You know your best mate would have a smile on her face if she pulled. What better way than to pay for the lucky man. Unfortunately our naked butlers aren’t there for that. They will put a smile on her face in other ways though by making sure she feels completely catered for (keep it clean!)

You Can’t Use Him as Ex Bait

We really don’t blame you for this one, after all what better way to rub your new life in your ex’s face than dangling off the arm of one of our very buffed butlers? Please don’t though. Not only will it look a bit daft when your butler leaves at the arranged time, our butlers don’t look very good with a black eye. If you want to antagonise your ex. ignore him. Works a treat!

You Can Let Him Be Your Eye Candy and He Waits on you Hand and Foot

You can let him serve you, you can give requests. He will open doors and greet guests. He’ll make sure your glass is always full and he’ll treat you like a queen. He’ll also entertain on a whim. See our site for what our Butlers in the Buff get up to at your parties.