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5 Reasons Why We should leave Pole Dancing to the Professionals and 1 Reason We shouldn’t

Pole dancing is getting more popular by the day. It isn’t just something that strippers use to maximise the amount of dollar bills blokes stuff into their knickers anymore; it’s a bit of fun and a bit of fitness for anyone who wants a go. Okay, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but […]

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5 Surprising Facts about Strippers

Just under a third if girls are in education.

Research from sociologists at Leeds University has shown that almost a third of strippers or erotic dancers are in education and are using the extra cash to help pay for their studies. The data was collected from interviews with 200 strip club dancers.

Maybe it’s because thinking […]

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Male Strippers at International Women’s Day Event: Ludicrous or The Sweetest Irony?

A month or two ago, a Colombian mayor had to apologise for hiring male strippers to perform at an event organised to celebrate International Women’s Day. Alfredo Garcia claimed he had no idea that strippers were going to be part of the entertainment…

“To be honest I was completely unaware muscular men would dance in […]

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The Ultimate Opinion Poll: Cameron, Clegg, Miliband… Snog, Marry, or Avoid?

Its election season, the winds of change are in the air and everyone is really excited about the 7th of May (We think). Opinion poll after opinion poll have left us thinking that a coalition is pretty likely. Television debates have not really shed any particular shining light on any of the party leaders.

Here […]

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Election Scandal or a fuss over nothing? UKIP Porn-star Stands as Councillor

Right, so UKIP have a veteran porn-star running in the Bristol City Council elections. Johnny ‘Rockard’ Langley is a candidate for the position of Councillor in the Stockwood constituency. Unsurprisingly… this has caused some controversy. But why?

He’s a talent scout for adult films and runs his own business Johnny Rockard Global Media. We’ve had […]

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Lift your Spirits With A Cat Fight: How Social Drinking Can Help You Deal with Stress

Most people relax after a long week at work with a couple of drinks on the weekend. I mean, drinking culture in Britain is all about living for the weekend, right? It’s all about putting work behind you and having a laugh. And that’s great, it’s part of us, and here at Cheeky Events […]

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How to Relax Even if You Can’t: Benefits of Spa Treatments for Stress Relief

Nobody likes stress. Here at Cheeky Events we’re all about chilling out, partying down and forgetting all about your worries. We also know that it’s easier said than done. The last blog gave you a few quick tips for stress relief but this time I’ll give you a tip that will take a bit […]

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Chew Gum & Eat Chocolate… You’ll Be Laughing: Quick Tips For Stress Relief

Over the next few posts I’ll be covering the topic of stress. As we’re in the events game, our main aim is give people a good time no matter what, the only thing we stress about is relieving yours! It’s something we all suffer from no matter who we are, its time we started […]

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4 Ways to Use a Naked Butler

Our naked butlers are one of our most popular services, they’re always in demand.

Just what can you do with a naked butler at your event?

It does of course depend on your theme, the size and venue of the party but here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration, if the butlers being […]

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Is Political Correctness a Party Pooper?

It seems of late that we can’t swing a cat without being reported to the RSPCA. We can’t tell our favourite, Englishman, Irishman, Scottishman jokes without being reprimanded, and we can’t sing our nursery rhymes without being declared offensive.

With all this political correctness around, many newspapers and magazines are erring on the side of […]

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