If for her 21st she had a stripper, for his 30th there was the Elvis impersonator (don’t ask) and all the usual birthday novelties seem to have been exhausted then you’ve come to the right place for your next birthday bash surprise.

We are one of the few companies who offer a hire a dwarf service (rent a midget to some although midget strictly speaking isn’t entirely politically correct these days!). For something very different our professional dwarf staff are happy to cater your event.

What’s on Offer

These guys have a fabulous sense of humour, are wonderfully professional and are pretty much up for anything (within reason). Our most common bookings are for dwarf waiters and food servers, singers, dancers, as staff for promotional events and of course to help arrange wind-ups. If you have something a bit different in mind which will make someone’s birthday the most memorable yet and want to know if the staff would be up for it, get in touch. There’s no harm in asking.


As with any staff member, if the event is themed or the staff are required to wear an uniform or specific costume then our hire a dwarf staff have no problem with that. You wouldn’t believe how many people with birthdays in December ask for Santa’s dwarves to be in attendance. For children’s parties our dwarf sized staff often wear costumes and never fail to delight.

Momentoes From a Fabulous Event

While you’ll find these fab and friendly event staff members wonderful company sadly you do have to let them go home at the end of night. What this means is that our on-duty dwarf or dwarves will be happy to pose with you for photographs throughout the party so that you may show everyone how fab the staff were and flood your friend’s and colleague’s Facebook pages with their pictures.

The Rules

You must not refer to any or all of the staff as “Willow” unless they tell you that their name is indeed Willow.

You must not get so drunk that you feel a game of throw the dwarf is a good idea (seriously, we expect all of our staff to be treated with the utmost respect).

Staff’s entry fees to any establishment, travel expenses and indeed any out of pocket expenses will need to be covered as part of their fee while at your party.

Competitive Rates and Unbeatable Service

Anyone who has used our services before will no doubt confirm that having any of our entertainment staff at their party or event did indeed make it a truly wonderful time, and a memorable occasion at that. Our rates are competitive and we suggest that if you would like to make a booking that you get in touch to discuss availability and costs.

With our staff on hand your party and those parties that follow will become the must-attend social occasions on everyone’s calendar from now on.