Nobody likes stress. Here at Cheeky Events we’re all about chilling out, partying down and forgetting all about your worries. We also know that it’s easier said than done. The last blog gave you a few quick tips for stress relief but this time I’ll give you a tip that will take a bit more of your time but will relieve a bit more of your stress.

It’s a Fact!

A study conducted last year found that 95% of people reported experiencing some levels of stress! What stresses us out and makes us worry varies from person to person but what we can all share in is how to de-stress.

A study of Japanese government workers found that spa and beauty treatments were directly linked to better sleep and fewer sick days. The results were echoed by a data study conducted by Florida State University on German workers which also found that a bit of pampering drove down the number of people pulling a sicky!

Treatment Types

Massages help improve blood circulation as well as the flow of oxygen around the body. The treatment can improve Lymph flow (part of  the circulatory system) and strengthen your immune system. If your health is one less thing to stress about then great! Researchers at Ohio State University found that massaged muscles weighed 8% less. Hang on?  You could lose weight whilst lying down? No, sorry, I wish I could tell you that but I can’t. That would be a weight off your shoulders.. literally. What it really means is that there was a reduction in swelling and less stress on the muscles.

Facials offer similar benefits. The treatments can improve blood flow and allow for skin regeneration. Facials are mostly about cleansing the skin which is great for the immune system again, and also is a great way to de-stress. Having a facial can actually release stress from your head and neck which can even prevent headaches.There’s a bit of psychological link between cleaning yourself and cleaning out your closet. I guess it can be linked to that tidy house, tidy mind saying. Here at Cheeky Events we definitely think dirty minds are much better but we can forgive you for wanting to clean away the worry, just promise to leave the juicy bits! Okay?

It’s Not All About Science…

If we stop caring about the science for a minute and just think about how we feel, where do you feel your stress? Just think about all those old sayings… ‘A heavy heart’, ‘The weight of the world on your shoulders’, and ‘Tired Eyes’. That’s where! Focus on these areas with a massage or a facial with some soothing cucumber slices on your tired, weary peepers.

People often de-stress separately on their own away from the world, but we all experience stress, so we should all embrace de-stressing together! Often problems can escalate when we try to deal with everything on our own. We don’t believe it should be that way and nor do our therapists! Get a group of your girls together or guys (we don’t mind!) and have a pamper party before a night out or even as the main event. Enjoy the benefits of spa treatments while having a laugh or a good chat with your mates. It’s a good way to see if your ready to cough up that spa membership and its a great way to share your de-stressing sessions whilst having some fun!