If you’re looking for a naughty addition to your party, strippers are always the way to go! But you don’t just want the same old stripper – so why don’t you try something different? If you’re up for a laugh and want something exotic for your night then look no further than our sensational selection of strippers.


Giant Strippers

Provide your party with more than they can handle with one of our grand giant strippers. Our giant strippers are experienced performers who are sure to provide you with an experience you won’t forget (because who else can say Chewbacca stripped at their party?). It will make your event larger than life.

From a SEXY strip tease to being handcuffed to the devil himself, for all parties alike, our giant strippers are sure to add lots of enjoyment to your party. Because they are fabulous and something a little different to your typical entertainment.

(Costumes can be requested at an additional cost)

From £300


Drag Queen Strippers

Make your party a night to remember with one of our most exclusive forms of entertainment at your party. Our incredible drag queen strippers are a class act sure to add a dose of fun and lots of laughs to your night. From our all-singing, all-dancing Queen B, to our daring dominatrix, Cheeky Events is here to fulfil all your entertainment needs.

Please note costumes can be requested at an additional cost.

From £200


Get your party started and book one of our alternative stripper with Cheeky Events now!