1. Just under a third if girls are in education.

Research from sociologists at Leeds University has shown that almost a third of strippers or erotic dancers are in education and are using the extra cash to help pay for their studies. The data was collected from interviews with 200 strip club dancers.

Maybe it’s because thinking women are earning some extra cash or that girls are getting themselves clued up for a career after stripping. Considering that tuition fees have risen to £9,000 this isn’t a huge shock; you have to make up the dosh somewhere!

  1. Job satisfaction is actually very high!

The job is stigmatised so much that people think that girls who strip must be being caught up with drugs or even trafficking. Awful things happen in the industry but awful things happen in every industry.

It’s no surprise to us that there is an overall positive feeling about the occupation. Our strippergrams and topless waitresses do it because they love the attention and they love all the perks (so do the guys). They could work a lot more hours and earn a lot less! Increasingly it is being considered a viable career choice not out of desperation but due to its economic benefits!  As a lot of girls are actually using this money to help out with education it certainly isn’t a vocation for the uneducated.

  1. Girls are motivated by excitement as well as money.

The study also found that many girls from middle class backgrounds were actually motivated by excitement – not just the money! We can certainly see why… all eyes on you, being an object of desire, the exhilaration of performing, the fitness element and all whilst being getting paid! For a lot of students – at university especially- it’s a time to reinvent yourself and there’s no better way than to try out this cheeky job. For someone from a pretty vanilla middle class background a bit of booty shaking is a beautiful culture shock that you can get paid for!

  1. The money is pretty good.

According to the Leeds University study the average salary was just shy of £50,000. When you take into account that £50,000 is just over what you can earn as a store manager at Aldi you can put it into perspective. Girls in the UK have reported taking home £400-500 a night!

  1. Ovulating makes girls more money.

A study conducted by the university of New Mexico concluded that strippers made considerably more when they were ovulating – £20 an hour more! Women made less money when they were on their period too. The researchers at the University of New Mexico said this backed up claims that men react to female ovulation but there has been a lot of criticism. The main point being that when you’re on your period you don’t feel half as sexy; so getting paid half as much kind of makes sense.

Despite that very, very good point, women who were on the pill made considerably less than those who were ovulating too! We think it’s pretty much just how your feeling, how your hormones are affecting you. Most men aren’t all that perceptive at the best of times… so do we really believe they can sense ovulation? I don’t know!

Cheeky Conclusions

What’s important to take from this is that it isn’t a seedy occupation for girls that are in trouble. It’s a viable career choice made by strong educated females; we feel that should be respected. The girls that work as strippergrams or topless waitresses for Cheeky Events enjoy their jobs and we wouldn’t enjoy ours if they didn’t. Their backgrounds vary and so do their reasons for this line of work. A lot of the reasons that our girls work for us are shared by the guys that work for us which perhaps is something you wouldn’t expect. Some find standard work too boring and mundane, others love the freedom it gives them, others just love the attention!