Pole dancing is getting more popular by the day. It isn’t just something that strippers use to maximise the amount of dollar bills blokes stuff into their knickers anymore; it’s a bit of fun and a bit of fitness for anyone who wants a go. Okay, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we at cheeky events love a bit of work on the pole!

Last year in November, ahead of the Pole Dancing world championships in Buenos Aires, Pole Dancers were actually seen practicing in the street! There has recently been a distinction made between ‘Pole Dancing’ and ‘Pole Fitness’. ‘Pole Dancing’ is so boys look at you and give you their money, ‘Pole Fitness’ is all about exercise and is increasingly getting the recognition it deserves! Both are very close to our hearts.

Why You should leave it to the Pros

Reason 1:

So… we’ve started quickly. If you were expecting something longer I understand… but 6 seconds of that poor lady’s time should be enough to convince you to seek some professional help before hitting the pole… or you’ll be hitting the floor!

Reason 2:

This one is a little less high impact but let’s be fair… she just got whiplash. This is a good lesson in the importance of technique and not pushing yourself further than you can actually manage. If she had done that in a car she’d definitely be getting a pay-out… anyone know what insurance like for pole dancers?

Reason 3:

Well this reason just falls a bit flat. It kind of breaks my heart… she really just seems sad that she fell more than anything. Again, this isn’t the fault of a poorly installed pole, this is just a failure in technique. Sure you have to get back on the horse and try again but she looks like she really doesn’t want to.

Reason 4:

Thought it was about time to embarrass the fellas as well! Even following a bit of instruction this guy totally takes the pole clean out but I think it more than gets its own back by leaving him sprawled in the corner.

Reason 5:

I think this one is the lessons of all lessons. No matter how much time you’ve spent in your bedroom, watching online tutorials, if you don’t install your pole properly or if you buy a substandard one -you’re going to literally fall flat on your face.

Why You Should Try This At Home

Most shortcuts with pole dancing (or pole fitness of course) are taken because people aren’t sure they are ready to invest hard earned money into doing it properly. Getting lessons can be a bit daunting especially since we always tend to assume that everyone else is an expert. It is scary thinking… ‘Right, I’m going to go to pole fitness on Thursday’. Rightly or wrongly it seems there is a lot to worry about; what to wear, what the other people will be like, how bad you’re going to be and so on and so on. At the other end of the scale buying a decent pole to install at home – that won’t lead you to the same fate as the poor souls we’ve laughed at earlier – is a lot of money if you just want to try it out. That is why we offer a relaxed pole dancing session in your own home! They’re great for a birthday, hen do or just if you and your mates want to have a go; you even learn a whole dance routine in the 2 hour session! It’s great to get the chance to try it out free from pressure. You and your mates can just have a laugh with it and just see if you enjoy it – without having a disaster similar to the ones we’ve just seen!