Our naked butlers are one of our most popular services, they’re always in demand.

Just what can you do with a naked butler at your event?

It does of course depend on your theme, the size and venue of the party but here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration, if the butlers being naked isn’t enough.

Turn them Into a Table

You’ve seen the pictures, probably gone to an event where sushi is laid out over a woman’s naked body. It always surprises us that fish is the food of choice, as with bright lights of a nightclub and a lot of body heat it can go off quite quickly. Regardless of your favourite food, you can turn your butler into the table. Precariously placing titbits ready for your guests to help themselves.

We’d advise against the following foods: Cheese, fish, sizzling beef fajitas and soup.

Give them a Date

Is there a single person at your party that you’d like to see paired up? Is a single boss attending that could give you brownie points? Is there an old flame of your partner that you want to keep entertained, or maybe the mother in law could do with letting her hair down a bit? Designate a naked butler. He’ll become her chaperone for the night, on your command, tending to her every whim. So she likes to dance? Consider him Cary Grant. She feels a little peckish, he’ll queue up at the buffet and if she’s short of a drink, he’ll be a shining waiter star.

Make them a Blusher Usher

Most events have ushers, someone to show people to their seats. Assistants to help people up on stage and ones to hold the coats as everyone swarms in. Now you can go a step further with a blusher usher. Give everyone red rosy cheeks as they enter the building to be lead to their seats by a naked butler. Make the awards go a little more swimmingly as the butler leads the winners on stage and make speeches smoother, as speakers don’t have to imagine the crowd naked anymore.

Make Him Yours

Of course, you don’t have to be the generous hostess and let everyone else have the fun, you can keep a naked butler all to yourself. Ensure you’ve got the most delicious looking date on your arm all night, and keep the attention firmly on the hostess with the mostess or the man by her side.

If you’ve done anything else with your naked butler, please let us know in the comments below, and please, for the sake of our fragile visitors, keep it clean!