It may be a surprise to some that many of our household names used to work the pole, or get their kit off for a living – it may be a bigger surprise that a lot of them are blokes! We’ve compiled a little list of 4 famous actors that have been paid to show off their package!

Channing Tatum

Let’s start with an obvious one…

I think it’s not much a surprise that Channing Tatum used to get paid to get his kit off for the ladies. If he didn’t it would be a waste of some good assets! He’s had some good preparation for his role in Magic Mike. The sequel, Magic Mike XXL, is due to be released on the 1st of July. His stripping career is pretty well represented online… There’s a fair few videos of the 26 year old strutting his stuff in his youth!

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt may be a slight surprise, but let’s face it he’s not exactly a dark horse; he’s won People Magazine’s sexiest man alive award twice! He was in a frat house stripping crew with 6 other college pals called the ‘Dancing Bares’. They used to dance completely naked at girls‘ birthday parties. He did this right up until his breakthrough role as ‘J.D.’ in Thelma and Louise! He is truly a performer through and through!

Chris Pratt

The Parks and recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy star’s past may be a little bit more a shock. Chris Pratt, who has recently just appeared on every screen you could possibly glance at, has some humble stripper beginnings. Lego movie lead Pratt was an amateur stripper at 18! Like brad Pitt, the Jurassic world actor worked Hen Dos and birthday parties before hitting the big time in Hollywood. Pratt has said he always loved being naked so he might as well make some money out of it! That’s what we like to hear! The ladies at cheeky events are a bit envious of Anna Faris… But then the boys are a bit envious of Chris Pratt! Unfortunately for many lusty eyes, People Magazine’s

Second Sexiest man alive, had his interview for job at a strip club end unsuccessfully!

 Javier Bardem

This last one is the most surprising. The most shocking, and very worrying thing, about this stripping history is that the actor’s mother was in the audience clapping and wooting with the rest of them! Javier Bardem performed at a strip club when he was a cash strapped actor. Bardem has explained she was just very supportive and proud. She sounds like a dedicated mother…  but we have to say, inviting your mum to your strip show is not something we’d encourage!