Grid girls have been a hot topic of late – especially in Formula 1 where they were rumoured to be banned, then not banned, then maybe replaced by kids, then brought back again – only to be banned again – possibly. Who knows what’s going on with the situation anymore!? We can’t keep up!

If it does come to be, though, that grid girls are axed from sport altogether, we feel this will be a crying shame. Not only is it unfair and unjust on those women who love what they do for a living; it’s also undeserved for the brands and companies who rely on the services of promotional girls to sell their products and services.

Grid girls have been a long tradition in the world of motorsport, as are promo girls in lots of other sports; like boxing, darts, American football and wrestling. We believe they should be here to stay – and we’ve got three very good reasons why!

1) Grid Girls Bring Glamour

grid girls

Grid girls bring glamour and female interest to what is otherwise largely male dominated sports – especially when it comes to Formula 1 and other motorsports. It is a sad fact that we do not have gender equality across the entire sporting calendar just yet. We are seeing televised female versions of the game for sports like soccer, hockey, golf and many others – but unfortunately motorsport is slow to catch up.

If we are to remove the glitz and glamour of the grid girls, we are removing a feminine touch completely. Undoubtedly, the presence of grid girls alone does not suffice when it comes to achieving gender equality in motorsport. Some may argue that it actually achieves the opposite – glorifying and objectifying women. But on the other hand, removing them completely suggests women have no place in the sport at all, further promoting gender inequality.

2) Hard Work for a Genuine Occupation

Sticking with the idea of objectification – those who feel that grid girls are discriminated and objectified are often misguided and mistaken. Grid girls are not obliged to do the job. Many of them enjoy being a grid girl as a genuine occupation and career path. There are other similar jobs that are often associated with hen and stag party packages – including kiss-a-grams and personal butlers/maids.

The job is not as easy as you think either. Like a lot of other agency-based work, it involves a lot of travelling and hectic schedules. It also involves a lot more than just standing around track-side or holding a sign above your head. You must meet fans, talk to members of the public, take part in photoshoots, promote a brand and make sure you are always looking your best. This is a form of sales at the end of the day, not just a stroll in the park looking pretty!

Grid girls must have the ability to sell, conduct customer service, communicate with a broad demographic and manage their own responsibilities. All this hard work is of course paid off with VIP access and free tickets for everything they go to!

3) Banning Promo Girls is PC Gone Mad!

Political correctness is important. There is no doubting that. Back in the day they used to call it being polite. Now the term has been abbreviated to PC – and being politically correct is something we must all be mindful of in our spoken and written dialogues.

Nowadays, the notion has all gone a bit mad and, in many cases, a step too far. For example, some schools up and down the land have decided the term ‘snowman’ is a bit too risky and, unfortunately, not politically correct enough. The correct term to use now is ‘snowperson’ – which may seem fair to some but incredibly ridiculous to others. And have you seen a recent episode of Dennis the Menace? More like Dennis the Wet Lettuce!

This point is essentially an extension of the one above. The initial idea behind scrapping grid girls is one that has arrived through the perceived necessity to be politically correct. The idea that this trade is objectifying and derogatory for women is the main vehicle for change. However, as mentioned above, this is not entirely fair to the women who love doing this job.

Surely, the answer is not to remove grid girls in attempt to achieve political correctness, but instead allow other categories of people to do the job too. The LGBT movement has been gaining pace and prominence over the last few years; so it only makes sense for gender equality that we see a mixture of straight, homosexual and bisexual men and women on the grid! That way, no one is victimised or singled-out and the tradition continues on – with a modern update!

Hiring Professional Promo Girls

Ultimately, the focus should always be on what the promo girls are trying to promote, rather than on themselves. If you are watching Formula 1 just to look at the grid girls, you are at the wrong sport and there for the wrong reasons. You watch Formula 1 for the machines, the races, the competition and the drivers. Grid girls are there to promote all of that, as well as a number of associated brand names at the same time.

Professional grid girls and pit girls are available to hire for lots of occasions, not just high-flying F1 events. You can hire promo girls as part of your hen or stag party package, or for any corporate events that call for a touch of beauty and glamour.